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Festival America, Vincennes, France

I wish for all my writer friends a French publisher and an invitation to the Festival America, from which I just returned (see for more info about the festival.)   Met some interesting writers that I didn’t previously know about, hung out with the great people at Presses de la cité, and walked the streets of Paris.  How lucky am I?  I had the chance to ask my publisher what in the world led them to select a book set in a small town in the middle of the prairie in western Canada, and I was so pleased and surprised by the answer: that a book with quiet pacing and literary images has appeal to French readers.   And it turns out that my translator, France Camus-Pichon, lived in western Canada for a year teaching French and loved it, including the cold and snow.  So you never know who is going to connect with a book and its story.  Interesting that Presses de la cité chose not to translate the title because Cool Water doesn’t translate well (Eau froide).  I mentioned the US title (Juliet in August) and they said they considered something like that, but stuck with Cool Water because apparently many French people know the song.  Someone in the office at the press was playing various versions; I think Marty Robbins won the popularity contest.